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Founder Story

I wish I was more patient, and conciliant. But I struggle. Be it with hair, career moves, shoes or houses, you cannot tell me I can’t get what I want, and expect me to run with it. There always is a way.

I could probably do hair to save my life, but that’d be it. I’ve managed to get the most basic skills to not get my black card revoked, but I’ve lost major points over the years. Especially that one time I spent a whole semester in Shanghai with glue dripping down my forehead - courtesy of a $500 lace wig I had saved for months to get.

Major points, we said (though now I’m proudly black like me and couldn’t care less). But you can’t tell me I can’t play, and hair is a playground where all the Freddies in me feel they can go all out safely. I’m a shapeshifter.

Hair embodies my freest and earliest form of self expression, and as a shapeshifter, I’m never done. I get to forever reintroduce my various angles, tell all my stories to this world that often feels constrained and biased.

Yet my experience with shopping for these self-expression tools was as constrained, and as biased.

So in 2014, I designed my own wigs and clip-ins with this contact in China I found on a hair forum, and in 2017 Big Hair No Care was launched. And quickly we had to pause it. After popups in London, Paris, NYC and years building an online community around my musings as a misfit, or my confidence workshops for the similarly anxiety-ridden and not-good-enough women around me - I realized that I had created way more than a hair brand, it was a movement. But it needed backup, so we raised $2m from an all-female group of kickass VCs. Hair is always going to sell, so to me it’s almost indecent to just leave it as that.

Black hair is culture, it’s always been the safest and boldest form of self-expression we’ve resorted to.

It’s the magic trick we brought to school, the threads of our lineage, it’s Sundays spent kneeled down, or in someone else’s crotch, doing each other's hair, whilst chatting for hours. It’s sisterhood, it’s therapy, it’s community. And we ought to make the industry around it just that. With BHNC, we started with improving the product - the fit, quality or user-friendliness. But also the shopping experience, buying synthetic hair (we don’t do human hair for ethical reasons) on the high street can be so disheartening - so we sold online, we had tutorials, a super cool packaging, and also pop-ups for all of us to hang, because again, community and sisterhood!⁣

The radswan is a shapeshifter

The radswan is a shapeshifter

The radswan is a shapeshifter

The radswan is a shapeshifter

The radswan is a shapeshifter

The radswan is a shapeshifter

Big Hair No Care took off in ways we couldn’t keep up with, RadSwan is our comeback.

It’s a lifestyle brand, it’s the hair game getting an upgrade, becoming fairer and cleaner. It’s the platform that recognises and celebrates your identity as a shapeshifter, your individuality and your right to be black like you.

It was built for the rad kind, welcome home.


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